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If you would like to get involved, add "dotherightthing" as a discount code within your shop and submit your details below. We'll send you an email to let you know when you've been added to the list. All fields are required.

About the initiative

In the current times of crises and uncertainty - we've seen supermarkets opening early for OAPs and NHS staff, food outlets offering free drinks to medical workers and services offering payment holidays.

Today, we're asking businesses around the world to come together in this time of need and help those who need it most. The do the right thing initiative was set up to create a community of businesses offering help by creating a global discount code, known as "dotherightthing" so that people shopping online could access savings on important items.

This global initiative aims to make "dotherightthing" a global discount code and if you're already offering a discount on your online shop, use the code "dotherightthing" to help give those in need a saving on products they may need.

It's more important now than ever before that businesses use their power and influence to help people through this time. If you want to be involved in doing the right thing, get involved today and be featured on our discount directory.

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Do The Right Thing was set up by the team of EKM. EKM is an ecommerce platform provider based in the UK, helping thousands of businesses get selling online and doing what they love.